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The Air Industrial is a wind turbine capable of resisting the harsh environments that generally accompany mountaintop repeater sites and off shore platforms. Southwest Windpower's engineers spent two years in research with companies such as Chevron, Texaco and Cellular One to design a product capable of reliability producing power for remote sites.

Combining wind and photovoltaics in hybrid systems are quickly becoming the standard in renewable energy installations. This is due to seasonal fluctuations of both wind and solar energy resources that make it an ideal combination.

Maintenance-free performance, easy installation, and high output make AIR Industrial ideal for virtually any remote battery charging application. Installations range from Alaska to Antarctica.


  • Unprecedented 3-YEAR WARRANTY
  • Simple installation; no tower is necessary. Can be attached to existing towers.
  • Variable pitch Aerolastic carbon matrix blades
  • Aircraft quality aluminum alloy castings
  • Brush-less neodymium cubic curve alternator
  • Maintenance-free - Only two moving parts
  • Finned aluminum heat sink for maxim cooling effect in high wind average areas
  • Upgraded electronics and wiring for improved reliability over standard models
  • Externally regulated controller designed for rugged environments
  • Quality powder coated aluminum body, all stainless steel hardware