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One of the most difficult challenges of the installation of a wind turbine is assembling and erecting a tower. Fortunately, the engineers here at Southwest Windpower have designed towers that are easy and safe to install. A number of heights for each product are available. Keep in mind, the larger the turbine the more complex the tower design. None of the towers require any kind of welding or machining and only the largest towers may require concrete. Most designs can be installed within a few hours to a day. Lastly, all work with Southwest Windpower towers is done on the ground.

You will NEVER need to climb a tower.

All of Southwest Windpower’s tower kits include everything you need with the exception of:
1) Pipe material
2) Anchors
3) Power wires

To keep your costs low and to consider site variables, these components should be purchased locally. When selecting the materials for the construction of your tower, please consider the following:

Pipe Material: For most conditions, we recommend a “schedule 40” pipe material. This offers a wall thickness of .125” which is strong enough to resist most wind conditions. If you are using fence pipe material, make sure you ask for “SS40”. If you live in an environment were your winds will never exceed 80 mph (140 km) then we suggest using a thinner wall material such as a “schedule 20”. In conduit material, this is called “SS20”.

Anchors: The anchors are by far the most difficult part of installing a tower. Once you have them in the ground, a tower installation gets really easy. There are various soil materials that you should consider prior to installing your tower. The type of anchor should also vary. Our owner manuals have recommendations based on soil type.

Power wires: Because of the size of turbine and variable length from the turbine to your batteries/inverter, it is impossible to know the proper wire size. Once you have understood the distance from the turbine to the battery, refer to the wind turbine’s owners manual for the proper wire size. Be sure to select the right type of wire for your environment.

VERY IMPORTANT: Prior to the installation of your tower, read the owners manual thoroughly and make sure you understand the environmental conditions at your site prior to purchasing materials. We offer manuals that are free to download and review prior to purchase.

Below we have made available all of our tower kit manuals so you the user can gain a full understanding of how to install an AIR or Whisper wind generator prior to purchase. If you have any questions, please contact us or your local dealer.