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Whisper 500


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Now with a five year warranty!

Serious power from a medium size small wind turbine The Whisper 500 can produce enough energy to power an entire home. Formerly the Whisper 175, the Whisper 500 was completely redesigned in 2004 to work in harsh high wind environments. The Whisper 500 is a two bladed fiberglass reinforced blade and incorporates the patented side furling design that optimizes output at any wind speed. Assuming a 12 mph (5.4 m/s) wind, a Whisper 500 will produce as much as 500 kWh per month. That is enough energy to power the average California home.

Included with every Whisper is an EZ wire Controller. Unlike many of our competitors, this Controller includes a diversion load to ensure quiet safe operation of your wind turbine when the batteries are charged. The controller offers the best of both worlds (wind and photovoltaics). While controlling the voltage from your Whisper, it can also control up to 1000 watts of photovoltaics.

The Whisper 500 is NOT for the novice. Installation of the turbine requires concrete foundations and at times a crane to lift the wind turbine into place.

Why small wind? Solar and wind resources often compliment each other. Generally when it is sunny it is calm and when it is cloudy it is windy. This complimentary effect is even greater during seasonal changes. During the winter and spring when the sun is at its least exposure, the wind is at it highest. A Whisper 500 during these periods is essential to keep your batteries charged and your lights on.

Exclusive to the Whisper, the side-furling Angle-Governor protects the turbine in high winds by turning the alternator and blades out of the wind, reducing turbine exposure. Unlike other wind turbines that lose as much as 80% of their output when furled, the Angle-Governor allows the Whisper to achieve maximum output in any wind.

Patented Angle-Governor